Innovative Upright Refrigerator Showcase Manufacturer & Factory – Henan Xinfei Electric

Henan Xinfei Electric Co. Ltd. (“Xinfei”); is recognized as an Upright Refrigerator Showcase Manufacturer and supplier from China. We are now marketed as Frestec and have become a leading manufacturer of refrigerators, freezers, and refrigerator showcases; having a wide range of products.

Modern Consumer Appliances

Henan Xinfei Electric has been well known among the customers as a major consumer appliances manufacturer which is designed according to the advanced innovation. We have a wide category of China freezer, refrigerators, upright refrigerator showcases in our stock and is exported to our customers with complete dedication. We are using modern technology and innovation to provide the latest features in our freezers, refrigerators, and refrigerators showcases.

Our Company Employees

Xinfei Electric has an excellent team of qualified and skilled professionals who are devoted to design the most attractive and innovative upright refrigerator showcases. They all have a wide experience in their relevant fields and giving their best efforts in designing the innovation and technology to the refrigerator showcases. We are one of the reliable and experienced upright refrigerator showcase, vertical refrigerated showcase, and Refrigerator Suppliers China; having professional engineers, innovation designers, and a large number of related employees in our company. They all are showing their excellent skills in designing and manufacturing the refrigerator showcases, refrigerators, and a wide category of freezers as well.

Our Experience in Innovation

Xinfei Electric is a devoted upright refrigerator showcase supplier from China. We have a wide experience in innovation and have been also one of the famous China Freezer suppliers. We are supplying our innovative designed freezers and refrigerator showcases for over 30 years. Since our experiences in white goods manufacturing, we have been well known as FRESTEC and since then have developed largely to expand our business into one of the largest manufacturers in China. It means our refrigerator showcases, refrigerators, and freezers have been environment-friendly and ideal for human safety.

International Quality Certification

FRESTEC has been awarded the Certification of ISO9001 International Standard Quality System as an Upright Refrigerator Showcase Manufacturer. We have also attained the Certification of ISO14001 environmental management system and Certification of OHS18000 Occupational Health and Safety management system. We have acquired a position of China’s few “Three Guarantees” company and serving our customers to provide the ideal consumer goods with modern innovation. Henan Xinfei Electric has also introduced Six Sigma and QPP management which are ideally combined with an inclined production model of manufacturing the upright refrigerator showcases, refrigerators, and freezers. We are providing excellent services to our customers. Our obtained RoHS certification has significantly enhanced the production competence and efficiency to remain spirited in the market.


Best Seller


Smart Inverter, Energy Saving LED back-light illumination


National energy conservation level Ⅱ Drain hole set for easy cleaning


Plate-tube evaporator, air-cooled design Suitable for “ST” type of climate